Photography by Claire Harlin

Artist Statement

Painting nurtures my soul and takes me to a healing place where all worries fall away and I am connected to the present moment. My Universal Abstract paintings are inspired by the sky and images of our universe taken by the Hubble Telescope. My Animal works are drawn from my connection to nature and more specifically, those creatures that share my living spaces. My goal is to convey a peaceful, positive energy to others though my work.

Artist Bio

Born in the midwest, Dawn (Wallis) Kureshy grew up in a suburb of St Louis where she was encouraged to study to get a "real job". After graduating from University of Missouri at Kansas City with a BS in Medical Technology Dawn had a successful career in laboratory science and later sales and sales management.

She was always pulled towards creativity and painting so she took classes at the San Diego Art Department where she began weekly classes taught by San Diego Artist Ari Kate Ashton.

This was a turning point as Kate encouraged her to move beyond the safety net of representational work she was attempting and come out onto the ledge with abstract work. Kate describes Dawn's style as "fearless and infused with energy". Her style is that of an abstract expressionist. She works in acrylics creating layers of richly textured often ethereal images many inspired by photos of the universe taken by the hubble telescope.

Dawn is a member of the San Diego Art Department, The San Diego Art Institute and the Ray Street Artists. Her work has been featured in juried regional exhibitions at the Museum of the Living Artist and San Diego Art Institutes' 51st Annual International Exhibition.

The Chloe Paradox 24" x 36" x 2" Mixed Media